Welcome ppl, This is my first blog post.
Thanks for scrolling down to see the length of the blog post and deciding to read it.If u have done this u virtually give me 1 like for the post.

Scene 1:

Me and my friend Prakash after boarding a MTC bus from Guindy to CEG.

Prakash decides to promote the name “College of Engineering, Guindy”.

Prakash to Conductor:“Anna, CEG 2 ticket.”

Conductor(little confused):“Enga pa?”

Prakash(after getting ‘bun’):“Anna University na.”

So people pls while buying tickets ask em as “CEG” or “College of Engineering, Guindy“(This may sound something funny but worth doing it).

Scene 2:

One day a few tweet birds(@cegprakash,@vysakh0,@josesai,@sathishkalanithi,@thesabarinath) tries to make #BringBackBrandCEG to trend in Twitter.We added the hash tag in every tweet so that when a CEGian sees it he/she will repeat the same in his/her tweets.

But finally got the same ‘bun’.

Scene 3:

Mr.Vysakh Seenivasan started a Facebook group named “College of Engineering, Guindy” on January 15,2012 but it has just 105 members.

Another group named “College of Engineering Guindy 2009-2013” was started by some poor guy/girl on July 10,2010 but till date it has only 2 members.

This is another ‘bun’

Scene 4:

Mr.Hariharan Spartanz posted the following Photo.


Then I noticed that many people including me were having “Anna University” as place of study in Facebook.

I got another great ‘bun’.

So if u do have so just click on the College of Engineering, Guindy and make it as ur study place.

Scene 5:

We have a stamp in the name of our College.

CEG Stamp

For more info refer here.Even though we have had a Postal Stamp in the name of our College now many people don’t know it.They simply refer our college as “Anna University”.

This Institution has a lot of History.

But still no one knows College of Engineering, Guindy.

So lets join hands in bringing back the brand of the 200 year old College.Share this post with all our College mates.